The Antahkarana

July 12, 2011

Finally… Stained Glass Antahkaranas listed for sale on Etsy

I’ll see how it goes and maybe start listing on ebay too. But seems like a nice site for handmade artwork. My shop name is Antahkarana Glass Creations, but you only need to search on “antahkarana” to find them. I also have some feather suncatchers listed too.

Hope you enjoy my work, it is always a little nerve wracking to display art “out there”!



July 27, 2007

Stained Glass Antahkarana Designs

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Female Antahkarana Male Antahkarana

I’ve adapted both female and the male versions of the Antahkarana symbol so that they can be created in stained glass. While I’m making them, I energize them with Reiki energy so that they can enhance healing and meditation.

Below is a Reiki Grid to be used with crystals.

An update: I do offer my work for sale through my eBay store, Funky Junk & Jewels. I’ve safely shipped stained glass pieces to places all over Canada, the US and other parts of the world.

Each piece is lovingly handmade and unique. I also accept special orders.

July 25, 2007

The Antahkarana Healing Symbol

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The Antahkarana is an ancient symbol that has been used as a tool for healing and meditation for thousands of years. Merely having the Antahkarana symbol in your presence helps to focus your energy and increases the power of your healing. This will reduce the time needed to heal, and allow deeper issues to be worked on. It is also used to enhance meditation or any other modality used in energy work towards the purpose of health, well-being and connection to the higher power.

The actual size of the symbol is larger than the male, and the 7's are longer and narrower. The symbol is multidimensional. From one perspective it appears to be two dimensional, being made up of 3 – sevens on a flat surface. The three sevens represent the seven chakras, the seven colours and the seven tones of the musical scale. From another perspective this symbol appears as a three dimensional cube. Its energy moves up from two to three dimensions that can be seen and continues up through unseen dimensions all the way to the highest dimension – the dimension of the Higher Self.

The actual size is smaller than the female, and the 7's are shorter but thicker.

There are two versions of the Antahkarana. The female version is slightly larger than the male version. The female version should be used if you feel that more compassionate energy is needed. The male version is used if you wish to access more assertive energy.

Or consider using both if you wish the yin/yang balance.

To use an Antahkarana in your energy work, hang the stained glass symbol on the wall, or in a window of your healing room, facing the person or area to be healed if possible. However this is not necessary as it doesn’t need to be seen by the person receiving the healing for it to work.

Or hang the symbol in your meditation room and use it for contemplation. You could also simply enjoy it in a window of your bedroom or workplace and still receive benefit from it.

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