The Antahkarana

January 2, 2010

The Five Minds

Excerpted and a bit paraphrased from the book Partnering with Spirit: Homer’s Journey
by Ellie Drew

The Five Minds is a concept developed by Ellie Drew as a way to explain how different aspects of ourselves have their own agenda without regard to the others. They are the First or Physical Mind, the Second or Emotional Mind, the Third or Intellectual Mind, the Fourth or Spirit Mind, and the Fifth Mind.

Briefly, the Physical Mind is located in the lower belly area called dan tien, which also corresponds to the second Chakra. The Physical Mind has an agenda that deals only with its physical wants, needs and desires regardless of consequence or rational thinking. It has no need to be loved – only food, shelter and sex – not always in that order. Also, physical health and the desire to have things that will enhance the physical experience.

The Second Mind, the Emotional Mind resides in the solar plexus area, called Golden Bowl in Qigong training. It is where our emotional vulnerability and history reside. The Emotional Mind has one agenda, to be cared about, often times confused with being loved. (more…)


September 13, 2007

Big Moths and Little Cats Are People Too

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The other day, one of our cats brought a huge moth the size of a baby bird into the house and we found it still alive and fluttering helplessly on the floor. It was so big, I actually thought for a moment that it was a bat. Its wings had great big eyes on them and its body and legs were a beautiful rusty coloured soft fur.

Not THE moth, but similar


August 17, 2007

The Eye of God

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This amazing photo came from the¬†Nasa¬†website. They say it looks like a flower, but I see the Eye of God. A feminine eye. Perfect, beautiful, all-seeing, compassionate, and indeed… female.

Eye of God

July 8, 2007

Dancing Naked in the Mind Field

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There is a general place in your brain, I think, reserved for “melancholy of relationships past.” It grows and prospers as life progresses, forcing you finally, against your better judgement, to listen to country music.

~ Kary Mullis, 1993 winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry

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