The Antahkarana

July 8, 2007

I Choose Love by Shawn Gallaway

Filed under: Ascension,Peace — by Ree @ 11:24 pm


I can see laughter
Or I can see tears.
I see a choice…
Love or fear
What do you choose?



  1. amazing song, thanks!
    Could you email me the lyrics, I would really appreciate
    Thanks for this discovery

    Comment by Xtaz — September 22, 2007 @ 2:13 pm |Reply

  2. Thanks, I think its a wonderful song too. Sorry, I don’t have all the lyrics. Here’s his website though, where you can listen to more of his music.

    Comment by Ree — September 24, 2007 @ 10:17 pm |Reply

  3. Love or Fear – which do You choose?
    * Love is all there is *

    Thank you for sharing this with the world.

    Comment by StarStuffs — July 23, 2008 @ 2:06 pm |Reply

  4. Este video me llena de alegria y me permite llenarme de esperanza en la humanidad , si existen seres humanos que eligen el amor y estan dispuestos a darse a los demás .
    Que la energía Universal los ilumine, cobije y cuide sus mentes,cuerpos y espiritus.

    Comment by Jorge Atapuma — September 8, 2008 @ 3:39 pm |Reply

  5. very powerful and beautiful, let us hope that the message spreads to many more people to spread the light
    Namaste Lotusblossom

    Comment by Lotusblossom — February 6, 2009 @ 1:59 am |Reply

  6. That was revealing writing

    Comment by the latest gadget — October 10, 2011 @ 3:14 am |Reply

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